Barista Accessories

Barista Accessories

The Pro Toolset

Barista accessories for professionals. LaMacatec Barista accessories are selected items that have proven themselves in practice and greatly facilitate the day-to-day business. Best materials and excellent workmanship guarantee longevity and reliability.


Barista Accessories

Coffee residues drawer S

LM 9875
  • Stainless steel
  • Rubber buffer
  • Dimensions (closed) (W/D/H) cm: 21/30/8,5
  • Dimensions (opened) (W/D/H) cm: 21/35,3/8,5
  • Color: Inox

Tamper Pressure adjustable

LM 9858
  • Stainless steel Handle
  • Stainless steel tamping surface
  • Tamping Pressure adjustable
  • Diameter cm: 58
  • Color: Silver

Tamper Walnut Wood Handle

LM 9855
  • Walnut Wood Handle
  • Stainless steel tamping surface
  • Diameter cm: 58
  • Color: Wooden

Tamper Station - stainless Steel

LM 9865
  • Stainless steel
  • Rubber Pad for Tamper
  • Anti slip Rubber on Bottom
  • Dimensions (closed) (W/D/H) cm: 9/11/5,5
  • Color: Inox-brushed

Tamper Mat

NR 620885
  • For Attachment to Kitchen Counter, incl. 90 Degrees Angle
  • Color: Rubber-Black


  • CoffeeBarrel for storing raw and roasted coffee
  • LM 7006 - 6L
  • LM 7015 - 15L
  • LM 7026 - 25L
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